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How did you begin your career in tech?

Kate Moran

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As fellow young professionals in the Enterprise Tech industry, we would love to hear about how you found or began your career in the sector. 

For me, I pretty much stumbled upon the ERP industry, via a temporary position at the University of Birmingham completing data entry for their Oracle Payroll user acceptance testing. I had no idea about how vast and lucrative the opportunities were, not to mention the challenge! As my contract was extended I moved deeper into actually testing (and eventually helping debug) the system, and this is where I found an interest in consulting. From a short-term job I applied for to earn some money to travel, I discovered a welcoming and rewarding career in tech. 

Post your experiences below - we are excited to hear about how you got started, and where your aspirations lie, as well as what you think could help open up the industry! 

Kate 🙂

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Hey Kate, 

It's a very interesting question that you've posed here - I'm also interested to hear how others have found their way into Enterprise Tech, or more to the point - whether it found them. 

My route in was as a SME/Super User on an ERP Implementation for the Engineering company I worked for at the time. I studied Mechanical Engineering at University, and had never even thought of moving into the Software space. I was part of the project for 18months, before moving to join the ERP Vendor as a Consultant where I have been for the last 3years. The most recent 6months of which as the Young Professional Program Manager...hence why I'm so interested to learn how young people find their way into our industry.

I think raising awareness and knowledge of the industry is key, going into Universities and speaking in layman's terms what the different career paths look like, to gain that engagement right at the start.


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